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PSC DV ProMix 1

DV ProMix 1 also incorporates a bright sunlight readable LED peak meter, a transformer balanced line driver and switchable limiters on both the pre-amp and the line driver amplifiers. In addition, the DV ProMix 1 features a monitor return amplifier with a balanced XLR input and continuously variable gain for flexibility. Headphone monitoring can be selected from Direct to both ears, Monitor to both ears, or a combination of the two.
The DV ProMix 1 will also except an optional Boom Pole Remote slide fader like our AlphaMix for easy operation while booming. Power is provided by two, 9 volt batteries or external 7-16Vdc. A belt clip is provided.
The PSC DV ProMix 1 can be used for Boom operators feeding DV cams or other types of recorders, or for use as microphone to line amp or as a standalone limiter, or for radio remotes or as a mic power supply and pre-amp or in a host of other ways.

  • Monitor Return Gain (continuously variable, push pot)
  • Pre-amp Gain (continuously variable, push pot)
  • Headphone Volume (continuously variable, push pot)
  • Power Switch, internal, off, external, two color LED indicates low battery
  • Low Cut Filters, 80Hz, 20Hz (flat), 150Hz
  • Limiters, Pre-amp and Line Driver Amp, on, off, 2 LED’s indicate limit action
  • Headphone Selection, D (direct), M (monitor return), D/M split ears
  • RC (remote control) LED indicates when Boom remote is being used
  • Fader, smooth ergonomic fader knob
  • Output Meter, super bright multi color LED’s, Peak reading
  • Headphone Jack, 1/4″ stereo
  • Boom Remote Connector, TA5M, for use with option boom remote slide fade
  • Balanced Monitor Input, XLR-3 Female, excepts signals from -50dBv to +10dBv
  • Balance Microphone Input, excepts signals from -65dBv to -5dBv
  • 12T/48PH Switch, selects 12T, DYN or 48PH microphone power
  • Mic/Line Switch, Selects output level, 0dBv, -10dBv, -40dBv
  • Output Connector, transformer balanced, XLR-3-Male
  • External Power, will operate from 7 to 16Vdc