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Cinela PIANO-1

The main goal is to optimize the performances on several main points:

  • Wind protection
  • Acoustic transparency
  • Handling noise
  • Ergonomy

PIANO-1 is composed of the windshield with single axis swivel and light XLR extension, the main fabric, a suspension and a fur to be choosed.
For stereo or some surround recordings, the single knob two axis swivel (another CINELA exclusive) offers the advantages of a ball joint without disadvantages.
The shortened XLRM is fixed by a small knob and can be easily released without loosening the cap, in particular to permit the dismantling of the bellows.

The high wind protection is achieved by natural ovoid shape of large diameter (18 cm), which helps « omnidirectional » aerodynamics and increases the area of protection around the microphone.
The main double layer fabric, used alone, allows a very good level of protection for light or medium winds and offers a perfect acoustic transparency (-1 dB @ 100 Hz; -2 dB @ 20 kHz).

« Short hair » fur, added to the main fabric, increases the protection for about 10-12 dB without much wind hurt acoustic performances (-2 dB @ 100 Hz; -4/6 dB @ 20 kHz).
 Alternatively, « long hairs » fur enhances performance against wind noise (+4 to 5 dB between 50 and 200 Hz), especially at the cost of increased total volume without special degradation of the frequency response.