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The new PSC PowerStar EuroLiFE is based on our very successful PowerStar LiFE. This new unit was designed to complement our new PSC Euro Cart. Small in size and big in power output, the PSC PowerStar EuroLiFE will power everything on our new cart with ease. The main power distribution unit is very small and compact. It easy installs without tools under the handle assemble of our new cart or virtually any cart for that matter. Power is carried from the Battery/AC Supply/Charger via a heavy duty 12AWG cable using 4 pole Neutrik SpeakOn connectors. Our Simple, yet accurate battery “Fuel Gauge” allows the operator to see their remaining battery power with just a quick glance of the multiple colored LEDs. There are four convenient USB charging ports located right up front for easy access.

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The PowerMax Ultra™ has been designed and built specifically to provide clean, quiet power for your complete digital audio recording package. This new design easily handles the heavy power requirements of today’s digital recorders and mixers. When connected to either one or two sealed lead acid batteries it can output 12Vdc at up to 30 amps continuous, as well as 15 to 18Vdc (internally adjustable) to power your audio mixer and wireless receivers. In addition, the PSC PowerMax Ultra™ outputs 5 to 9Vdc (internally adjustable) for use in powering consumer digital recorders, small video monitors and other equipment.

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This new battery represents a tremendous leap in technology from our older Pelican lead acid batteries. This new rechargeable battery pack is rated at 12.8 volts and 20 amp hours. It may be used with our PowerMax Ultra, PowerStar (rack mount version) or our PowerStar LiFE power distribution products. It can also be used with most stand alone lead acid battery chargers.

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